Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to Choose Your Seat on a Ship, 1458

Noah's Ark: probably smoldering hot and stinking.
BnF Fr. 28 f. 66v (Rouen, s. XV)

"Furste, yf ye goo in a galey... chese yow a place in the seyd galey in the overest stage; for in the lawyst vnder hyt ys ryght smolderyng hote and stynkyng." 
("First, if you go in a galley... choose yourself a place in the said galley in the top deck; for in the lowest underneath it is right smoldering hot and stinking.")
The Itineraries of William Wey (1458)

William Wey gives the galley two stars on TripAdvisor. It gets you to sondry londes, but you have to deal with the stynk. 

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